Haunted House for Sale

Calling it “Britain’s Most Haunted House”, the Metro in London has announced that a house in Essex, London, is for sale. The house is known as “the Cage” and was once a medieval prison.

Honestly, before running across this article, I had never heard of this house. The most haunted? Really? Somehow I doubt it.

The owner decided after living in the house for a decade that she couldn’t take dealing with the spirits in the house any longer. I want to believe her; I really do. But somehow, this is coming off as a bad sale’s pitch.

This gives it a bit more credibility, but still….why sale now?

If any of you know differently, let me know!


Book Review–Ghosts of America 10

I’m reading Ghosts of America 10. For what it’s worth, it is entertaining, but….

I don’t think the author really writes anything–she just compiles the stories that people send to her.

I don’t like that anyone could send any thing to her, whether it is real or not. I really don’t think any fact checking went into the book. I could be wrong and would love to know if facts were checked.

I really don’t like the lack of investigation; no interpretation of events is provided, and any type of follow up is missing.

For a book that claims to be based on real events, there needs to be more than a gathering of people’s emails.

It is an entertaining read, and it does (allegedly) demonstrate paranormal occurrences throughout the United States.

So having said all of that, please do send me your real life paranormal experiences, and I will write my own book! Be prepared for me to ask for any type of documentation you might have, though, and for me to get back in touch with you to ask how it’s going…..and finally, if you really need help, I will try to put you in contact with someone who can help you.


Demon House Destroyed

demon houseThe home in Gary, Indiana, that was supposedly besieged by demons was demolished. Gary was once a thriving industrial city, but since then, not much news comes from Gary. Then out of this silence came shocking news–a woman claimed she and her children had been possessed. The Daily Mail covered the story, as did numerous U.S. news agencies.

It’s difficult to believe, but then again, there are some credible witnesses to the paranormal including policemen and hospital personnel and physicians.

Due to the house’s dubious reputation, Zac Bagans bought the home and supposedly filmed a documentary at the house–and then had the house demolished. I have not seen the documentary, so I can’t comment. But I do wonder why the house was demolished. Don’t you? Clearly, no other investigations will be happening at the demon house.

Florida Haunting

Over on Photos: Pinellas Park, Florida Haunting at Spirit Rescue, there are several intriguing pictures. Honestly, though, the photos are so blurry I could not see anything. I’m not sure what to think about it. The researcher admits that the woman who sent in the pictures claimed that her home is located near an old Indian burial ground, but he could not locate any verification of this statement in the records.

In cases where we are dealing with the supernatural, it does require extraordinary proof. Blurrred pictures don’t get us any closer to what may be happening. Also, fraudulent claims only make the research look ridiculous.

I’d like to believe the woman involved really thinks she is being haunted, but I am not convinced. Why do people make false claims about hauntings? Are they merely sensation seekers, or something worse, like the Bloody Benders?

What do you think?

Return to Riverview 1 Year Later (Haunted?)

Tonight, we returned to Riverview Cemetery. It was a mild evening, around 68 degrees with calm winds. We visited Riverview twice last year, and it is the creepiest cemetery I’ve ever visited.

We arrived around 7 p.m., and had plenty of time to really explore the cemetery during the day light. It is much larger than it seemed on our first trip last year. As we entered the cemetery, the Ghost Radar piped up with one word: Leave. Despite the less than warm welcome, we decided to stay.

The cemetery was actually a fairly bustling place tonight. People were there during the daylight walking dogs and jogging through the lanes. We scared off (accidently) a young teenage couple doing something rather (erhm) physical. We were just passing by, but their faces were so red!

Sunset–the best time always!

We took these photos minutes apart. The first shows a regular cemetery, but in the second picture, it must be some type of mist. We have no logical explanation for it.

first picture of tombstones

First Picture

2nd picture with mist

2nd Picture with Mist

After this, we went to visit my old friends with the lions. I felt like I was being watched when I was there, so I turned and took a picture. This is what I got:

picture with orb


It didn’t feel like dust.

That pretty much wraps up our evening. Unfortunately, after the ominous “Leave,” we didn’t capture any other words or voices.

So, do you think Riverview Cemetery might be haunted?