Book Review: Haunted: The Ghosts that Share our World

hauntedJohn Pinkney’s Haunted: The Ghosts That Share Our World was worth the read!

While the majority of the accounts were set in Australia, I still enjoyed them.

What’s Good

  • He does his own research into accounts–field research and library research. This is a huge plus in my opinion. I like to know more than just an account with no context provided, and Pinkney delivers.
  • The text is (mostly) edited! I wasn’t stumbling around trying to make sense of demonically twisted syntax. Huge bonus in this field!
  • The writing is engaging! Don’t get me wrong; this is not a suspense novel in any sense of the word. Still, the writer provides flesh and bone to the bare accounts.

Some of the accounts are set pretty far back in history; however, I’m a history buff, so I enjoyed even these. For some people, though, it might be a bit too much. Of course, the bonus is that a haunting with history means even more accounts of the haunting, which only helps to verify the claims being made. It was a wise choice to include these, even though some readers might not enjoy skeletons from the past.

The only complaint I have of the text was I wish it had been longer–I was ready to keep reading!

Some theorist (I can’t remember his name–Patrick Lang maybe?) once made the claim that haunted tales are always political tales. I personally do not know enough of Australia’s history to be able to inform anyone whether or not the tales are political.

I don’t plan on visiting Australia any time soon simply because that is not possible for me. However, if you are, I’d love to hear if you visit any of the haunted sites and what you thought!


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