Book Review–Ghosts of America 10

I’m reading Ghosts of America 10. For what it’s worth, it is entertaining, but….

I don’t think the author really writes anything–she just compiles the stories that people send to her.

I don’t like that anyone could send any thing to her, whether it is real or not. I really don’t think any fact checking went into the book. I could be wrong and would love to know if facts were checked.

I really don’t like the lack of investigation; no interpretation of events is provided, and any type of follow up is missing.

For a book that claims to be based on real events, there needs to be more than a gathering of people’s emails.

It is an entertaining read, and it does (allegedly) demonstrate paranormal occurrences throughout the United States.

So having said all of that, please do send me your real life paranormal experiences, and I will write my own book! Be prepared for me to ask for any type of documentation you might have, though, and for me to get back in touch with you to ask how it’s going…..and finally, if you really need help, I will try to put you in contact with someone who can help you.



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