Florida Haunting

Over on Photos: Pinellas Park, Florida Haunting at Spirit Rescue, there are several intriguing pictures. Honestly, though, the photos are so blurry I could not see anything. I’m not sure what to think about it. The researcher admits that the woman who sent in the pictures claimed that her home is located near an old Indian burial ground, but he could not locate any verification of this statement in the records.

In cases where we are dealing with the supernatural, it does require extraordinary proof. Blurrred pictures don’t get us any closer to what may be happening. Also, fraudulent claims only make the research look ridiculous.

I’d like to believe the woman involved really thinks she is being haunted, but I am not convinced. Why do people make false claims about hauntings? Are they merely sensation seekers, or something worse, like the Bloody Benders?

What do you think?


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