Just Smoke or a Girl’s Face?

face in the fireTony O’Rahilly took this photograph on November 19, 1995. The Wen Town Hall in England was ablaze, and firemen were attempting to douse the flames. 

No one remembers a young girl being at the scene of the fire, and there was not a young girl in the building.

Some people believe this is the ghost of Jane Churm. In 1677, Jane accidentally started a fire which destroyed several homes and cost her life.

Others think this is just smoke, and the brain is just trying to make sense of what it is seeing.

What do you think? Is this a ghost or just smoke?


5 thoughts on “Just Smoke or a Girl’s Face?

  1. There is too much that can be defined from the image for it to just be facial matrixing in my opinion. You can make out her entire head and top of her dress plainly. If i had been an orb or some shadows maybe just maybe it could have been our minds but for this it’s highly unlikely.

  2. As a ghost believer and writer at my blog, Ghostly World, I’m also a skeptic. In the “job” you just have to be. It is definetly a girl’s face, or a very, very unlikely smoke apparition. Personally, I believe it as being a ghost. However, I cannot say for sure this is true. I would need to know the history of the location and such. It is almost impossible to discount a hoax unless you have the background and means to recreate the image. In this case, I’d say REAL. But…who knows…
    – Ghostly World (email: ghostlyworldblog@gmail.com)

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