Return to Riverview 1 Year Later (Haunted?)

Tonight, we returned to Riverview Cemetery. It was a mild evening, around 68 degrees with calm winds. We visited Riverview twice last year, and it is the creepiest cemetery I’ve ever visited.

We arrived around 7 p.m., and had plenty of time to really explore the cemetery during the day light. It is much larger than it seemed on our first trip last year. As we entered the cemetery, the Ghost Radar piped up with one word: Leave. Despite the less than warm welcome, we decided to stay.

The cemetery was actually a fairly bustling place tonight. People were there during the daylight walking dogs and jogging through the lanes. We scared off (accidently) a young teenage couple doing something rather (erhm) physical. We were just passing by, but their faces were so red!

Sunset–the best time always!

We took these photos minutes apart. The first shows a regular cemetery, but in the second picture, it must be some type of mist. We have no logical explanation for it.

first picture of tombstones

First Picture

2nd picture with mist

2nd Picture with Mist

After this, we went to visit my old friends with the lions. I felt like I was being watched when I was there, so I turned and took a picture. This is what I got:

picture with orb


It didn’t feel like dust.

That pretty much wraps up our evening. Unfortunately, after the ominous “Leave,” we didn’t capture any other words or voices.

So, do you think Riverview Cemetery might be haunted?


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