Mysterious Light in the Cemetery–WTF is it?


Bright Light

Riverview Cemetery

We visited Riverview Cemetery in South Bend, Indiana, twice. The first time we caught several orbs on camera. We charged our videocam before the outing, but it was completely drained of energy not far along our walk. The second time, my fully charged camera lost all of its energy. When we moved away from this area, the camera’s charge was restored. I have no explanation for this.

I also have no idea what that bright light is in the photo, but I can tell you that warning bells were clanging in my head. I ran for the car. Then I realized how silly it was to run–if whatever that thing is wanted something, it was going to get it–obviously. But it took off from me in the opposite direction. Perhaps I scared it just as badly as it did me.

Riverview does not have a reputation for being haunted, outside of the usual types of pranks. My experience at the site demands further investigation before a determination is made, but of all the places we have been, this one bothered me the most.

So what is that light?!



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