Haunted Cemeteries?

There is much spirited debate over whether or not cemeteries are haunted. Yes, cemeteries may be haunted sites.

There are many ways a haunting can occur–both for the living and the dead.

The Living
All of us, at one time or another, have lost loved ones. Through tending graves or just visiting, the living haunt cemeteries.

The living might also suffer hauntings through regrets, remorse, and guilt. Often, the living who are haunted dwell on the past to the extent that it becomes a problem. We all need to learn to let go and move forward, but occasionally we become trapped in a haunting of our own creation.

There remains much debate over actual hauntings in cemeteries. Self-designated Ghost Hunters often claim that hauntings are caused by one of two phenomena:

haunted gettysburg

Haunted America Tours

Residual Haunting: A tragic and highly charged scene.  It is believed that the negative energy associated with the event leaves a lasting impression on the environment, and the scene will be replayed due to this energy. Hauntings on battlefields, such as Gettysburg, belong in this category.

Intelligent Haunting: The spirit involved in the haunting is aware of its surroundings and can interact with the environment and people in the vicinity. Intelligent Hauntings are associated with untimely death, murder, and unfinished business. There are past records of this type of haunting occurring spontaneously following the person’s death in order to visit loved ones and let them know that s/he has died or just to say goodbye. Authors such as British journalist W. T. Stead (Real Ghost Stories) have collected narratives of what we might call the goodbye visit.

So why would cemeteries be haunted? Cemeteries are haunted by the living, and quite possibly, spirits. We visit our loved ones there, so if spirits do exist, why wouldn’t they stop by, especially when we are visiting? In other words, there is no evidence that Intelligent Hauntings are contained or limited to one physical/material site. In fact, the evidence (for lack of a better term) just from the goodbye visit indicates that spirits are not trapped in a material reality as we know it.

What do you think? Might cemeteries be haunted?


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