Orbs: Dust or Something Other?

Scientists have proven orbs are only composed of dust, or have they? Other researchers claim orbs are ghosts, spirits, energy, and aliens.

What if they’re both right? Obviously, some orbs simply are dust and can be created. But all of them?

All of the pictures I have taken only include orbs when I am clearly investigating a site. I’ve taken tons of photos inside and outside with no orbs. Even on days when I knew I’d be in the field doing research, I’ve taken test photos around the house, inside and outside, with no orbs present, and later in the day on an investigation, I capture orbs at the site of inquiry.

And I do have to laugh at “seasoned” ghost hunters, who claim that photos with orbs are worthless pictures of dust, and then in the same breath, claim that the site where the photos were taken is very haunted.

I’m not ready to define exactly what orbs may be when they aren’t simply dust–more research needs to be completed. However, I can say that on several of my investigations, I was picking up all kinds of other indications that something “other” was present.

Clearly, others are not so hesitant:

So what are these balls of light, and what do the faces and colors really mean?


3 thoughts on “Orbs: Dust or Something Other?

  1. Sensory elements also add up to a great extent cause if there are orbs around? there’s be a temperature change around. Plus dust has a particular property whereas orbs can turn around completely (obviously can’t be captured in pictures) but this one sure looks like one. Balls of pulsating energy. You should carry an EMF meter buddy 😀

  2. You are right! An EMF meter is on my list. In the meantime, I’m kind of relying on the Sensitive in the group. But yes, I agree–this looks like one, and this was one spooky place.

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